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Downhill Alert!-Hallo Berlin on 51st St.


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Downhill Alert!-Hallo Berlin on 51st St.

bellrock | | Jan 30, 2001 06:47 AM

Okay, okay its never been haute cuisine, but in all my years of going its always been satisfying for the price. My faves were the red cabbage, potato pancakes and of course the beers. Well, no more tang in the cabbage, the potato pancakes were blobs of sog and grease with barely a tsp of accompanying applesauce. The side salads, cucumber, green bean, etc. with the meal, usually tasty but now lacking, were barely noticeable, I got 4....count 'em....4 green beans (Of course it didnt taste good anyway). To be fair I did not have any sausages that day, so dont know if that quality has changed. However the biggest insult was when we ordered a pitcher of Dortmunder Dark. What came (in January) seemed like a watered down Oktoberfest. BLAH. Okay, its bad enough to mess with my food, but dont mess with my beer... When I inquired about the beer I was told rudely, it WAS Dortmunder Dark...NOT. The portions and service screamed, "we are cutting back on food quality and service and dont care." Anyone been to the new one on 44th and 10th? Seems they left this one behind. Time to recreate that tasty red cabbage at home.

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