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Why dont we get the list of boards when we click on "Boards"


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Why dont we get the list of boards when we click on "Boards"

jen kalb | Feb 21, 2007 05:58 AM

(1) Its so damn counterintuitive - who in the world is going to know that the little triange (chevron) does anything?? Im repeatedly fining myself in "Latest Posts" unintentionally, just where I dont want to be.

(2) For those of us who use hot posts extensively, there ought to be an easier way to make a new post. Right now , lets say I am looking at my home board, outer boroughs. through the "my latest unread posts view". There is no way to MAKE A NEW POST (other than a reply) from that postion. Instead, I have to navigate out of that view, remember that I cant click on Boards and must use the triangle , navigate to the OTHER view of outer boroughs and post.

Cant you create a way to make a new post directly from the HOT POSTS view? Just being able to access the list of Boards without clicking on the right spot on the red menu bar would be a help.


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