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Disappointing breakfast at Omelet House on Boulder


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Disappointing breakfast at Omelet House on Boulder

rednyellow | | Oct 24, 2012 02:49 PM

Very disappointed. Poor service and poor food. Seated quickly and offered drinks. asked for two waters and coffees. There was no cream on the table so I asked for half and half. Waitress brought non dairy creamer and left before I noticed. When waitress returned I asked for half and half again and pointed out we had non dairy creamer. Waitress said she would bring some but that most people didn't care either way. I really don't care what most people do. I asked for half and half the fist time. We both ordered omelets. I started with pumpkin bread and my partner with banana nut. The pumpkin bread had a awful metallic taste and the banana bread had a scorched aftertaste. The omelets came, a popeye (spinach) and a jolly green giant ( a combo of veggies), both very big and served with a large side of potatoes. The potatoes are dry, hard potato chip things and not at all good. Both omelets were very dry. After a couple bites I sat at the table waiting to get noticed by someone. I wanted some salsa, anything really to make the omelets edible. I sat long enough for the food to get cold while watching various employees walk past the area, eyes fixed straight ahead or at the floor making absolutely no notice to anyone or anything in the restaurant. Finally someone glanced our direction, we waved her down and asked for salsa. She returned with two little cups of salsa and our waitress returned to add them to the check she had delivered along with our food. I was surprised they would charge for the salsa and said to cancel it and at this point was completely over it and no longer wanted the food. I went to pay at the register. no one asked how it was. I was considering asking for the manager but was too annoyed to want to speak to anyone and figured if that is how the place is run, they probably don't give a shit about much anyways. I paid my $26 and just chalked it up to a shitty restaurant. I will never go back.