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rp1760 | | Feb 17, 2013 12:28 PM

Dinner Recommendations

I am looking forward to my second trip to New Orleans in April! I will be attending a Conference for a few days, but will also have a few days on my own.

I have been reading your Board since Christmas, and I’ve cross referenced it to a few other sources including uhockey’s highly entertainingly and invaluable blog “Endo Edibles.” I managed to narrow my list down to what I think are my top four, but I only have three nights to myself. I would really love to hear your thoughts on my finalists. I know I will be happy dining at any of the four finalists, so this is one of those fun decisions in life. :) A few things about me: I enjoy a dry cocktail to start, and then a glass of wine with the meal; I will be dining solo, but sitting alone at a table doesn’t bother me, unless the restaurant is terribly romantic; I prefer fish and seafood to meat, though once and a while I can be tempted by veal or pork or a nicely grilled steak; I love creativity in a dish, and sometimes will have a four or five course tasting menu of appetizers and forego an entrée (but never dessert….).

Thank you for your thoughts!

These were all contenders at one time:
Clancy’s, Mr. B’s, Arnaud’s, Luke, Antoine’s, Upperline, R’evolution, and Gw Fins.

These are my four Finalists, in Alpha order:
1) Brigsten’s 2) Galatoire 3) Herbsaint 4) Restaurant August

p.s. I will be snacking on chargrilled oysters at Drago’s during the trip and will be enjoying crayfish etouffee at Bon Ton Café for lunch before heading home.

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