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Di Fara continued...


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Di Fara continued...

Allen Bank | | Nov 17, 1999 05:23 PM

My destination could have easily been the Blue bird Dinner, but I needed "a slice".As you know Di Fara is located on a neighborhood cornor of Brooklyn. Avenue J and Eaet 15th Street to be preceise. Half a block from the 'D' train, which I only mention as it's the working class transportation lifeline for most of Dom's customers; friends and family.Did I memtion that; Di Fara's isn't Di Fara's, it's Dom's. Dominicks kitchen table.The sign / menu above the Dom's windows, as faded as a Roman ruin was not produced by a sign fabricator. It was made by a sign painter. A guy working in a gargage or a storefront shop with 4 colors in 4 Saverin Coffee cans and a jar full of brushes. A thin detail brush in his mouth like a horses bit, working on a horizontal board laying across 2 wooden paint splattered saw horses.In addition to the sign's text; DI FARA PIZZA Italian Heros, there's a horrible representation of a pie. It looks like something that you might be served in Idaho. Somethig they might call "pizza". You don't order a corned beef sandwich in Nabraska.Another painted sign fastened onto the brick wall above DI Fara's sign reads: KENNYS SHOE REPAIR - ROCKPORT ORTHOPEDIC AND DYEING SPECIALISTS - OLD FASHIONED SHOE SHINE. Pigions roost on a ledge above the sign.Across Ave. J is: Kosher Bagel Hole and Isacc's Kosher Bake Shop.A constant stream of Americans parade by Dom's windows: NY Yankee caps, yarmulkes, turbins, naked heads with flowing dreads, crew cuts and baldies. Wide rimmed fur hats worn by men with long black coats and Walt Whittman beards.Many head straight in for a fix, some pass by and take the 2 or 3 steps back forgetting themselves momentarily. Everybody gazes in to see "what's up." What's the story Joe? "You know, same old - same old". "Same shit different day." "The Knicks blew!" You know, "the haps".Everyone in Dom's are neighbors, friends; for as long as it takes to eat a slice, half an hour, during your lunch break or for life. Everyone at Dom's i

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