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detroit - book cadillac - boulevard room


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detroit - book cadillac - boulevard room

xman887 | | Nov 16, 2008 05:06 PM

last friday, an attorney and i went out to lunch. we met in the lobby of my building and decided to check out the new book cadillac and have lunch. we went up to the second floor lobby (aside: for all the money they spent on restoring this one time city gem, they sure made it look and feel like any other westin arounf the country - sleek, clean, minimal) and made our way to the boulevard room, the hotel's breakfast and lunch restaurant.

the hostess warmly asked if we had reservations. we said no and she quickly took us in to a table for two on the back edge of the room. there were only four or five other tables taken in the entire place - kind of quiet for friday lunch. the bus came quickly with water and our server greeted us warmly and quickly ran over the soup (don't remeber) of the day and lunch speial (beef tips over egg noodles). we ordered iced tea and looked over the menu. after bringing the tea and checking on us again, my friend ordered a bowl of tomato soup and a side salad. our server told him that they did not have a side salad and talked him into the california cobb with citrus roasted chicken. i ordered the chicken basil pesto mozzerella panini and opted for the side arugula salad (wait - i thought they didn't have side salads) over fries. the soup came out along with a bread basket. it looked good and my friend said it he liked it. the iced teas were kept full, refreshed with silver pitchers of tea with ice in them (i hate getting a refresher of tea that is room temperature). the food arrived and it was presented nicely. my sandwich was a healthy size and was quite tasty. the arugula salad was served on a tea cup saucer sized plate and was dressed with a bracing lemon vinagrette along with some parmesan shavings. my friend said he liked the cobb salad. overall, the food and the service was very good. by the end of the meal, the room was 75%+ full.

the only drawback to the entire meal was the prices. i am not one to shy away for paying for a good meal but this was a bit much. my panini was $14. the rest of the sandwiches ranged between $13 and $18. sarters were $8-$15. salads were $20-$25. and entrees were $20-$35. our total for a soup, salad, sandwich, and two iced teas was nearly $60. more like dinner prices, but i guess if you have to service 23 tranches of financing, you have to charge what you can. the food was good and i will go back, but only if i am expensing it. interesting that the menu is on line without prices.

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