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Delessio's Mini-cupcakes

Melanie Wong | | May 9, 2005 12:07 AM

Stopped by Delessio soon after opening on Sunday to take Wendy's advice -

My heart almost stopped when I didn't see any cupcakes on the front counter and I was afraid that I might be too early. But, at the back of the store, the minis were laid out for sale. I got one of each.

Though my brother got a bite or two, so far my mother has not been sharing with me. So, I can't offer any opinions on how they taste. William did like the small taste he had of the raspberry chocolate one that he said had some ground nuts in it like linzer torte. And, I did catch my mom standing over the sink nibbling on the paper cupcake liner to scrape off the remaining crumbs of that one . . . I think that means she liked it.