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De-"Q'ing" BBQ

EarlyBird | | Aug 13, 2012 08:03 AM


I smoked a pork butt for tacos yesterday, using my own Southwestern/Mexican style rub, and prepared a tomatillo and chile pepper salsa. I wanted to get away from the standard BBQ flavor profile for a while and experience some of those wonderful tacos that I've had before that have some smokiness combined with super tender meat.

The pork came out perfectly cooked, and with the salsa in a corn tortilla the tacos were great. But the flavor was still standard Southern style 'Q, making the tacos taste like Southern-Mexican "fusion." Not what I was going for. I was planning on freezing some of the leftover pork to do a pork, hominy & green chile type stew in the Fall, but it will just taste like somebody dumped Carolina pulled pork into it.

Though I used apple wood and a bit of hickory, I suspect it was the hickory which gave the BBQ flavor I was trying to avoid. I would find some mesquite to use, but I think it would overwhelm the food, wouldn't it?

What do you suggest wood-wise, or what else would you do differently? Thanks!