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dallas ft worth: feed me for 5 days please


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dallas ft worth: feed me for 5 days please

mrnyc | | Jun 4, 2009 10:48 PM

hi all. veteran pan-texas vacationer here, but being a big city, which i am trying to escape, i generally avoid the big d. not this time! while my spouse is stuck in irving in work meetings, i'll be footloose and fancy free for chow adventures and i need your assistance.

i lean toward hole in the walls and prefer local specialties, but am wide open. i searched and picked up a few recs, please do comment/add to them:

Mariano's on Skillman & Abrams (home of the first frozen margarita, and very easily the best steak fajitas you will ever eat) -- sounds like a pilgrimage must

Mia's on Lemmon -- the brisket tacos here also sound like a must

Avila's on Maple Avenue?

whats got good house-made corn tortillas? -- Cuquitas?

Fried Green Tomatoes at Hatties?

help w/ viet & banh mi? i cant decide. something near irving maybe? doesnt have to be. Nam Hua?

margaritas? -- glorias? waterside/outdoor seating would be a plus. help!

local/craft beer bars? no idea so thx.

ft worth -- reata brunch sounds good. tex-mex or other?

on the high end, doubt we'll go, but if so is fearings still worth a splurge? something else?

must visit chow-centric neighborhoods/strips?

for convenience, anything worthwhile in irving itself?

i'll have a car most of the time, but anything around a dart station?

and one more semi-off chow question, i cant remember, but downtown is there a building w/ a lounge/observation area up top or any other places you can rec where i can get some good panorama photos?

we'll be there middle of july, so thx again in advance for any and all your help!