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Cutting costs in the Kitchen


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Cutting costs in the Kitchen

Roarasaur | Apr 5, 2011 08:10 PM

I tried doing a search but wasn't able to come up with anything, but anwyays, I was talking to a few roommates today and we were discussing about how I buy skin on, bone in chicken breast while they would buy skinless, boneless chicken breast. At the nearby supermarket, the skin on, bone in chicken breast sells for $7.39 /kg ($3.36/lb) and the skinless boneless chicken breasts sells for almost double at $13.45/kg ($6.11/lb). To me its just a few minutes of prep to the chicken to remove the bone and if I want to the skin. Plus, with this I get to collect the bones and use them for stock :D. I think part of it may also be that they dont like touching the "Icky" stuff but I feel so proud when I debone my own chicken. lol.

However, they would forego without spending more time in the kitchen and spend a little more for the convenience. My one roomate even said that the inedible bones take up some of the weight. While I dont have a scale, I'm sure that it doesnt take up much weight at all.

While I'm sure this principle of cutting costs can be applied to other meats as well, chicken I think is the easist example I can think of. As well as grating your own cheese (which I do as well).

What do the rest of your CH'ers do? Save some cash and prep your chicken or pay more for the convenience?

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