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Curry Boutique Key Ton, Hiroshima (Day 3, Japan)


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Curry Boutique Key Ton, Hiroshima (Day 3, Japan)

Eric Eto | | Dec 2, 2005 08:32 AM

Day 3 is filled with many errands around Hiroshima, so I made sure to stake out places along the way for meals. We stopped in at Curry Boutique Key Ton for a quick curry lunch. This place claims its specialties to be the mushroom curry and the chicken curry. You can order it regular, or spicy (karakuchi), or spicy like you wouldn't believe (bikkuri suru hodo karai) -- they have a spice scale from A to Z. I got it karakuchi (I'm not sure where that falls on the spice scale, but it was just the right spice level for me). The curry comes in these single serve cast iron pots which you ladle onto the yellow rice. It's a thick gravy without much in the way of chunky vegetables (I believe the vegetables are pureed into the curry sauce). We went for an order of the chicken curry and a katsu curry. The curry had quite a nice flavor and complexity. The chicken curry is what they call nikomi (braised in the sauce) and was quite tender with the curry flavor infused through the meat. The katsu curry, while also good, was ordered mild, and the overall conclusion was that it could use a little heat to upgrade the flavor. I really want to try the mushroom curry.

Curry Boutique Key Ton
12-20 Noborimachi
Naka-ku, Hiroshima


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