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Cru Oyster Bar, Nantucket


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Cru Oyster Bar, Nantucket

dennisl | | Sep 4, 2012 10:37 AM

A most stunning setting (at the end of Straight Wharf, overlooking the harbor.) Beautiful boats, beautiful people. Outdoor seating with an outdoor bar area, comfortable couches and chairs.
I had tried to make reservations online and on the phone for dinner Sunday of Labor Day, both said they were only taking reservations through August. (Even calling Sunday, 9/2, the phone message said the same.
We arrived at 3:00 for a late lunch/early dinner, seated reluctantly outside at a table I could barely maneuver into because of a large outdoor umbrella. Having not much of an appetite I only wanted shrimp cocktail, menu said $5, not each. I understand it was $5 per shrimp, but the waitress never told me how large they were, my fault for not asking and got a $30 shrimp cocktail. Fine. Shrimp was so large people were staring and commenting. Very good, just what I wanted. Had I known how big the shrimp were I would have never also ordered the lobster cocktail ($21.) It was good, fresh, but a very small portion. My husband got a dozen oysters which he liked, though he thought the preparation wasn't great, they needed to be drained more. He also had the flounder sandwich with rosemary fries, he thought both were mediocre. He had some cucumber/gin drink (which came a little more than half full) & I had the signature Bloody Mary with wasabi. Both were tasty, different. Mine had a caper berry as part of the garnish which was a nice touch.
Service? What service? After being seated we waited, and waited. Order taken, drinks right before our starters. The couples around us were also complaining about the service. Were the girls (they seemed to be college aged) just tired of tourists done with the season? Who knows. The table next to us practically begged for their check. Our dishes were taken, we ordered more drinks and the check so we could move to the outside bar/lounge area to chat with a couple we had met on the ferry. Husband ordered a gin and tonic, received the same cucumber drink, STILL not filled, and I received a regular Bloody Mary.
I'm not certain of the total bill, but he left $20 which was a bit less than 15%. As a former server I always leave at least 20%, more if the service warrants. We were clearly annoying the waitress and hostess with our presence (they actually tried to talk a couple out of being seated and ordering anything while we were finishing our drinks.) The topper of the day was the waitress apparently whispering to another and pointing to my husband, no doubt due to the sub par tip she felt she received.
Love Nantucket, hate the entitled attitudes. Will not be back.