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Creole food...help!!!


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Creole food...help!!!

TheHuntress | | Sep 10, 2011 08:44 PM

Sooo, in all my infinite brightness and intelligence I have wisely invited a group of friends over for dinner this week for creole food. Upon reflection I realised that the only creole thing I can cook is jumbalaya...it is good jumbalaya, but now I need ideas on what to serve as a starter and as a dessert. Being in Australia, creole isn't done widely here and I have only had limited information come up online. Can the wonderful CH community help me with their experience and ideas? This is just an informal dinner with good friends and I am limited by how much time I can spend standing up in the kitchen due to a dodgy knee. I was thinking perhaps a key lime pie for dessert as it seems really simple and delicious - any pointers on that? Is there a way I can make it so it's not super sweet? As for starters I am completely lost so any ideas at all would be a great help. I know to most North American people here these seem like REALLY stupid questions, but we just don't tend to make this kind of food in Australia. Thanks in advance!