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Creative gelatin dessert flavors


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Creative gelatin dessert flavors

greygarious | | May 26, 2011 01:41 PM

Jell-O now makes margarita and pina colada flavor jello but I have yet to see it in my supermarkets. I like jello and often make my own from fruit juices and canned or fresh fruit. Lately I made a good one using Turkey Hill Diet Decaf Orange Iced Tea, with canned mandarin orange segments. I used the juice from the can as part of the liquid. Iced tea jello is refreshing, especially with fruit added. Iced mocha coffee jello is also nice. Next up is using tonic water - I will try macerating sliced limes in sugar before adding to the jello. Colorless flavored fitness waters like Propel should be good, too. Berries suspended in clear jello would be very pretty. Using food coloring, you can make clear pastel jello which would be very pretty with candied flowers in it.

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