cream/ chantilly siphon questions


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cream/ chantilly siphon questions

kerosundae | | Nov 19, 2010 11:55 AM

I couldn't find any information on this in english, so I hope some CHers have some insight.
I'm looking to buy a siphon to make mousses and foams and such. My biggest dilemma is size.

I understand that one gas cartridge can only be used once, and that the contents can be kept for a few days, but I still don't understand how the proportions of siphon size vs. content amounts vs gas works.

let's suppose the content I'm whipping up is cream:

1. In a 1L container, what is the max amount of cream that I can put in here? and do I have to put 2 cartridges or will 1 be enough? will the amount of gas needed increase if I put less cream? what is the min. that I can put? or will everything work just find even if I decrease content amount without increasing or decreasing gas amount?

2. In a .5L siphon, I read that 1 cartridge is enough. what if I put less cream in there?

3. in a .25L siphon, are you wasting gas using such a small siphon? will your whipped cream be more puffed up since there's the same amount of gas dancing in there as in the bigger siphons?

Thank you everyone!