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Do you crave what you need?


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Do you crave what you need?

Soop | | Jan 13, 2009 06:15 AM

this post by Jetgirly got me thinking about something I'd considered before:

"I try not to drink calories, but yesterday I couldn't get my mind off orange juice. I trekked to the grocery store, in the snow, bought a litre and drank it all within the hour. I guess I needed the Vitamin C (or the acid... could my body be too alkaline?)."

I think that in general, our bodies must crave stuff that we need. So say you're getting low on iron, you start thinking "mmmm, spinach".

So, can anyone give any examples of this?

And let's do an experiment - for those of you craving something right now, can you think of a reason you might be craving it? (Although I expect the #1 reason is reading about it here...)

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