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Cooking Sprays - Yea or Nay


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Cooking Sprays - Yea or Nay

JerryMe | | Dec 14, 2009 01:11 PM

I can't use these (Pam, etal.). I hate the fumes, the residues, the taste. Sister is a big fan and uses it on all of her non-stick pans, baking sheets, etc.

How do you measure in? I never buy it, but I can see the benefits. Food doesn't stick but I can't get past the rest of what's noted above. I just really don't like any of them so far. A lot of recipes call for it, even going so far as to "spray the loaf with" instructions.

How do you get around this? Mostly, I use butter or olive oil, even putting those ingredients on a paper towel to wipe them on the cooking utensil or food product.

Where do other 'hounds weigh in on this "must have" product?

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