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I KNOW it's not a cooking show .... but


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I KNOW it's not a cooking show .... but

maisonbistro | Dec 4, 2012 11:14 AM

I had the misfortune of watching the Next great baker last night.

What are we coming to??? Is Buddy supposed to be an endearing soul? (yes, he was totally sweet to the guy who left because of the brain tumor- but you'd have a lead heart not to be moved) but he seems like just a rude nouveau riche now - I have so many issues with this show- two of the main ones being: in the first challenge- they were throwing out cake after cake- in the garbage- throwing out, I'm pretty sure there is a soup kitchen, police precinct, fire hall, nurses' station in a hospital that really wouldn't care if the dots were lined up or not, or if the flowers matched... Seriously just throwing them in the garbage???

And...,my biggest peeve- it's called the next great BAKER- yet no one bakes anything. Their "cakes" are either pre-made (the first challenge) or consist of rice krispie treats, PVC pipe and fondant.

This is an affront to anyone who actually BAKEs - the spirit of whatever his bakery used to be is long lost.

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