Coastal English cheddar cheese for Mac & Cheese


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Coastal English cheddar cheese for Mac & Cheese

elise h | | Sep 5, 2006 03:25 AM

Last month, hounds on the home cooking boards discussed calcium crystals in cheese. These crystals, found in certain aged cheese, create a prized, carmel like flavor.

At a recent trip to the SF Costco, I bought "Coastal Rugged Mature English Cheddar Cheese", a white cheddar, aged for a minimum of 15 months. The label highlights the calcium crystals. 17 ounces costs about $7.

After several hours at room temperature, the cheese seems to sweat its fat. To me, it's too rich for eating by itself. Instead, I made macaroni and cheese, using hound Deena's super simple recipe (no white sauce, just layer pasta, cheese and pour over a milk/egg/seasoning mixture). I used nonfat milk.

The result was wonderful. Tastiest and easiest macaroni and cheese I've ever made.

Hope other hounds enjoy it too!

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