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Close call-McCall's (Clayton,NC) after BBQ tour


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Close call-McCall's (Clayton,NC) after BBQ tour

KyMikey | | Sep 21, 2007 07:43 PM

Spent the last 3 or 4 days doing a mini-BBQ tour of central NC, including Stamey's (Greensboro), Short Sugars (Reidsville), Bum's and Skylight Inn (Ayden), Bill Ellis (Wilson) and King's (Kinston). This morning I left Kinston at 8:40 for an all-day drive back to the Cincinnati area. My original plan was to leave later (closer to lunch), maybe stop at Ken's Grill for some carry-out, then stop at McCall's in Goldsboro when they opened at 11. But since I left early, I just got an egg McMuffin and coffee and kept driving, passing through Goldsboro a little after 9, and intending to munch on the Skylight Inn leftovers later in the day. I saw a sign just before Clayton that advertised McCall's and I remember thinking "that can't be--they're located way back in Goldsboro"--then I looked at the McCalls menu that I had printed out last night and it mentioned a second location much further up Rt. 70 in Clayton. That was about 9:50 AM, just before I got to I-40. At noon, driving on I-40, I had the radio on and on the national news I heard where a private plane had crashed into "a BBQ restaurant" in Clayton, NC several hours earlier (10AM). My first thought was "how many BBQ places ARE there in a small town like Clayton?" and McCall's was obviously the first one to come to mind. So essentially, I had driven right by the place 10 minutes before the crash, and the only time I had been through there in 3 years. Weird coincidence that raised the hair on the back of my head. Only employees were inside an hour before opening, and none were injured, although one person in the plane was killed and the plane was reportedly inside the restaurant. Wouldn't even have known about McCall's except for recent reccs here and downhill alerts for Stamey's and Wilber's. Guess somebody's watching over me.