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Help me clean out my fridge. . . .


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Home Cooking

Help me clean out my fridge. . . .

stuckinschool | | Nov 2, 2007 12:12 PM

My mom was in town last week and we went on a bit of a shopping and cooking spree, leaving me with a fridge full of yummy ingredients and leftover to wrestle with.

I'm not complaining, but the BF is not a huge fan of leftovers and we've been eating out a lot this week with friends so I'm struggling to use everything up. I'd like to make a few one-pot-type dishes with what I've got (to maybe freeze some) and we're going over to a friends on Sunday to watch the Colts-Pats so I'd like to make something to take along.

I have most of the pantry staples (eggs, onions, garlic, chicken broth etc.) and the stuff in the fridge includes:

grilled sausages (chicken apple and kielbasa)
swiss chard
a small sunchoke (never used before)
2 roasted chicken breasts (i ate the dark stuff! :))
pork chops marinating in garlic and paprika
roasted cubed potato and sweet potato
baby artichokes with ham

Please help me clean out my fridge!

Thanks in advance!