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Joanie | | Sep 10, 2001 07:39 AM

Got fried clams at Tony's on Wollaston Beach which my friend had raved about. $13.75 for a clam plate w/ fries and cole slaw where the batter was okay, fries better than usual and way too mayonnaisey slaw. My friend got the strips which actually were better than the belly clams cuz they weren't thin little rubbery strips.

Thurs. 5 of us went to Cuchi Cuchi on Main St. Central Sq. I thought it was good, everyone else loved it. Got about 13 dishes including lobster tail, steak au poivre, grilled trout, garlic shrimp (the saltiest dish I've ever eaten), risotto, ravioli, etc. Bread was served with a nice chicken liver pate. Their banana bread french toast type dessert was amazing, best thing that nite I think. People were very nice from the host to the bartender to the waitress. I don't really go out for tapas much but the prices seemed fairly high for what we got, but it's a nice little place.

Sat. 9 of us celebrated my friend's 40th at Limbo on Temple Place which was fun. The upstairs dining room is removed from the crazy happening bar scene downstairs. The person who wrote about Limbo before said nothing was over $18 which is true, but you don't get full dinner size portions for the amount you spend. They really don't have appetizers except for 2 salads and 2 soups. We all got salads which promptly spilled on the floor so we had to wait a long time for them to come back and the waiter never really acknowledged that faux pas. A couple of us got scallops for $15 which were 4 delicious sweet scallops and a tiny scoop of lentils and a couple bites of greens. Tasted the lobster risotto which was only okay. The bread pudding was a different take on it which we weren't crazy about. Chocolate pate is the way to go for dessert there. My brother the wine expert was happy with the wine list as were we with his choices. Overall, a good experience but I think I liked C. Draghi's Marcuccio's work better.