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All-Clad Customer and Product Support

RhonelyInsanediego | Nov 8, 2012 09:14 AM

Bit of a long story . . . so you don't have the time you can just skip to the last paragraph

I own a bunch of all clad cookware and generally think it's pretty good value for the performance. Another reason I have bought All-Clad is because they have a lifetime guarantee and they claim "customer service second to none, contact All-Clad for any reason" and . . . "Every piece of All-Clad cookware comes standard with exceptional customer service. "

Well, I have an All-Clad food mill that I love and it gets a lot of use. Went to make a sauce with it the other day and I couldn't find the fine sieve disk . . . grrr . . . Wife used it last to rice potatoes and we believe that the disk may have been accidentally tossed in the trash. Of course I discovered this on trash day, shortly after the trash had been picked up.

So I sent All-Clad an email to inquire about purchasing a replacement disk. Didn't get a reply and so I after a few days I gave them a call. I spoke with a service representative who after checking explained that they did not sell replacement disks for their food mill. I then explained that I use that one disk a majority of the time and that for my purposes I now had a very expensive piece of equipment that I couldn't use because I couldn't buy a single replacement part. She said she couldn't do anything but would have a supervisor call me.

A couple of days passed and I was getting ready to write some nasty things about their customer service when an All-Clad supervisor called and spoke to my wife. He explained that they couldn't just provide a replacement disk, but said if we sent in our food mill they would send us a replacement at no additional cost.

Well, it took a couple weeks, but I just got my replacement mill and boy is it nice! They have redesigned their food mill since my purchase and everything about it is nicer than what I had before. All the things which were annoyances with the original had been improved or corrected with this new one and I can't tell you how happy I am. Thank goodness I got it before the Holidays and also in time to make sauce from all my late harvest tomatoes from the garden.

Had I not received good customer service I would have written about it and complained everywhere I could have. So, conversely I must let everyone know how All-Clad stands behind their products and their customers. I am now even more inclined to purchase All-Clad and am very pleased that they are true to what they say on their website and in their literature. In my experience All-Clad is a great company for consumer support!

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