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New City Bar and Grill

Caitlin | | Sep 24, 2000 01:48 AM

Reporting Back on New City Bar and Grill.

Good, not great. I hear their special thing is that you can order anything as an app or main course, but when we were there pre-BAM, all they were offering was a $30 two-course pre-BAM menu. Shrimp beignets were greaseless and had a pleasant spicy kick, but should have been more tender and came with a woefully underdressed salad and a few completely pointless cold noodles. My salmon filet was well spiced and cooked, served atop wilted romaine with onions and herbs with a slightly red-winey sauce. My companions found pork loin over savoy cabbage with caramelized apples and crab cakes with sweet potato something-or-other pleasant but not stand-out. Chocolate souffle cake was moist and had a nice texture, but a little sweet for my taste (it wasn't horribly oversweet, but I prefer a true bittersweet flavor in such things, i.e., chocolate above sugar on the palate).

Richard II, on the other hand, was much more than just good. (Much better and more satisfying than either Coriolanus or the quick meal we had before that at Cambodian Cuisine; we tried to stick with the recommended Cambodian stuff, but weren't able to have, for example, whole fish, because of time limitations. They had certain dishes that would be available in less that a half hour, which were clearly pre-prepared and held or resteamed before serving.)