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Chowing in Firebaugh and Huron


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Chowing in Firebaugh and Huron

cfarivar | | Nov 9, 2007 04:25 PM

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So on Wednesday, when I drove from Oakland to Santa Monica — a drive that I’ve made since I was a kid easily over 100 times — I decided to spice things up a little bit. I-5, as most people know, is California’s most boring section of highway, and it serves exactly one purpose: getting people from the north to the south and vice versa as fast as possible.

However, some research on Chowhound turned up the presence of a taco truck just a few miles due east of I-5. I was *so* there.

There I found what may be the loneliest taco truck in the state on the dusty corner of Nees Ave. and Russell St., just west of the town of Firebaugh, CA.

As I pulled up sometime around 2:30 pm, a Mi Rancho tortilla delivery truck driver was chatting away with the owner. I arrived and ordered an asada and pastor taco.

The asada was a bit dry and boring, but the pastor was decent — not a whole lot of zing to it. The “picante” salsa wasn’t all that “picante” and was a bit more on the sweet side than I would have liked. I’ve had better in Oakland, but it was a nice welcome change from the dearth of options along I-5. But when the most expensive thing on your menu is a $3 burrito, I really can’t complain. On my drive back tomorrow, I’m going to swing by and order the burrito — that is, assuming the truck is there on the weekends.

From Firebaugh, I headed due south to the town of Huron, CA.

Along the way I was greeted with dirt fields that seemingly had recently been freshly picked of their cotton.

I drove through town and the abandoned Ritz Theater caught my eye.

Fortunately, there was a taqueria next door:

La Esquinita Mi Pueblo Taqueria
36905 S Lassen Ave
Huron, CA 93234
(559) 945-9608

Given that I’d just eaten two tacos (and a really disappointing chile verde burger previously in Huron and a worse horchata), I figured I’d try another taco — this time, chorizo. As I sat down to eat one man told me that the mustachioed man behind the counter makes the best tacos in town. It was pretty good, not to overpowering, but respectable.