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chocolate and....

umbushi plum | | Mar 7, 2009 06:55 PM

which chocolate combo floats your boat? mint, coffee, strawberry etc...
personally i love almost all the wide spectrum of chocolate combos especially mint although i know a lot of people disagree on this, i understand so dose my father its ok, i also love the controversial coconut and aslo the rum and raisin or fruit and nut varieties (i'm autralian cadburry rules) caramel is a popular one and it is very nice, another aussie favourite is the caramello koala mmm, over all though for me chocolate and mint is my ultimate with a close second coconut and third beiing rum and raisin and caramel sorry i got distracted by the chocolate i mean flavour i mean chocolate hmm anyway....

chocolate and... what floats your boat :-)

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