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Chilidog question

Soop | Jul 22, 2011 07:40 AM

I was watching the excellent Man Vs Food, and it reminded me of something I've always wanted but never had - a chilidog.

Firstly, what kind of bun do they use? I'm pretty sure the "hot dog rolls" we get in England are completely wrong. They're dry fluffy crumbly things that would probably not stand the steaming showed on the programme.

Second, the chili - it's completely different to the kind of chili I'd normally make (with chopped steak), more saucy and runny, yet didn't look too tomatoey. Does anyone have a recipe?

3rd, the mustard. I'm taking it that it's pretty much the American yellow mustard, because that much English mustard would blow your head off. Not too sure how important this is.

Fourth, the dog. I'm just going to ask if anyone knows a particularly reputable brand that can be found in the UK, as our sausages are possibly too different from the German-style franks used in the states.

Thanks in advance guys!

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