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My chicken broth is dark and flavorless


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My chicken broth is dark and flavorless

Pate | Dec 5, 2006 11:12 PM

I've made 2 batches of chicken broth lately using the Joy of Cooking (mid-70's version) recipe. The first batch smelled exquisite but was taking too long to reduce so I turned up the heat and boiled it too high and ended up with a wonder smelling cloudy mess with fat that didn't rise to the top to skim once cooled. Sort of tuned out like chicken jello with trapped fat. So I learned (like to book says, not to boil a stock.

The second attempt I used chicken wings. I did not boil. I simmered it for about twice as long as the book said because it just never smelled or tasted "chickeny" like the first attempt. Finally it reduced to a point that I felt it wouldn't get any better. I froze it and am now making chicken noodle soup with it.

I defrosted the stock and slowly reheated it in a Dutch oven. It looks brown, not golden, and doesn't taste like chicken. Just kind 0f blah. Now that I think of it I can't remember if I roasted the chicken wings slightly before I added them to the stockpot. If I did, I only slightly browned them to get rid of some of the fat. Would this minimal roasting create such a dark stock? That still wouldn't explain why it tastes and smells "blah".

The first time I used the carcasses leftover form the Costco rotisserie chicken and that stock (before I boiled it and ruined it) smelled and tasted much better.

What is the key to good chicken stock? What did I do wrong?

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