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Chianti (Saratoga Springs)


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Chianti (Saratoga Springs)

financialdistrictresident | | May 14, 2011 10:49 AM

Chianti gets a lot of love on this Board. SO likes it better than me. We both wish they would take reservations. So we found our way over to Chianti's again . . .

This is what I remember. Our server was excellent. We had a table in a corner and lots of noisy, loud people around us. I was grateful to be in the corner. Now on to the food:

The octopus carpaccio was excellent.

I really enjoyed the polenta and gorgonzola cheese with dandelion greens.

I had a pasta and seafood dish that was okay.

I don't remember what SO had, probably a fish dish. He usually gets a meat dish or veal.

I really want to feel differently about Chianti. Maybe it's better for meat eaters or I don't order the best dishes when I go. My few meals there have not been memorable.

I'll take the Italian food in Schenectady or Troy any day. Where is mother Ferro when you need her?