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Chef and Wine Professional need advice on MUST do's for my first trip to Vegas


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Chef and Wine Professional need advice on MUST do's for my first trip to Vegas

WineguyDFW | | Oct 30, 2011 01:55 PM

Quick background....
Wife...CIA grad and Pastry Chef (so desserts must be top notch)(she no longer cooks but you know once a chef always a chef)
Me...Certified Sommelier(on my way to Master someday?) and a VERY adventurous eater

Both travelling to Vegas in mid-December with my wife's sisters and spouses(6 people total).....
This is my very first time to Vegas and I have asked a few of my wine buddies but I want a few fellow ChowHound's two cents.....

1st night, Tues 13 Dec2011 will be dinner for all couples... 4.5 adventurous eaters and 1.5 not so

-Willing to travel by cab or any means necessary if the experience is worth it
-Budget upper end of moderate to expensive..again if the experience is worth it
-Open to most types of cuisines, prefer rich and decadent
IMPORTANT-----Really want a dining experience, jackets and cocktail dresses with classic fine dining ambience, exceptional quality, great presentation, outstanding service, creative menu.. prefer NOT to see fellow patrons in t-shirts and ballcaps (this really can spoil the evening for us, America has gotten WAY too casual)..<stepping down from soapbox>

Currently under consideration...
=Michael Mina's- which one has steaks cooked in Beurre Monte(butter)?
=Jaleo's - I LOVE paella!
=Aureole - Would likee to see the Wine Angels
=Olive - Friend knows the sommelier there (possibly free wine!)
=Hugo's - sounds like it could be fun and tasty in old school Vegas way
=Would consider any Daniel Boulud or Jean George suggestions as well

Okay that is night one and THANK YOU to anyone that has read on. I know this is a lengthy post.

2nd night, Weds 14Dec2011..Boy's night=BUFFET night...girls are going to a CdSoleil show and we have stretchy pants ready to go
-Same criteria as above, travel and budget are open if experience is worth it
-Quality Crab legs, prefer Alaskan King Crab but will settle for higher quality of other species shellfish, Lobster a major bonus
-Prime Rib of above average quality, would like an overall great carving station
-Comfy booth, we plan to be here for quite a while

THANK YOU AGAIN to anyone and everyone that read this long posts and offers some wisdom and insight....

Roy aka WineGuyDFW