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Cheaper alternative to Weber grills?


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Cheaper alternative to Weber grills?

mliew | | Dec 29, 2011 11:53 AM

I've been shopping around for a mid-ranged grill and have done a few hours of research looking at all the various brands and options available.

I'm looking for something that can do dual-zone cooking well (meaning probably 3 burners minimum) and a grill that has infrared or high temperature searing capabilities for steaks.

If price was not an option I'd probably go with the Weber Genesis E-330/S-330, but the $799 price tag is definitely on the steep side. I'm willing to pay for it if there aren't any other good alternatives but I thought I'd post and see if there is anything else that is close to the quality and performance of the Weber Genesis for cheaper.

I've researched the Char-Broil Quantum 4 burner model ( but reviews seem pretty mixed trending towards the negative side due to poor build quality.

Any suggestions for other brands that are worth considering? Thanks.