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Celebration Dinner -- Where to Eat?


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Celebration Dinner -- Where to Eat?

Atahualpa | Oct 11, 2006 01:19 AM

I am convocating and receiving my MA in November. I want to go out somewhere really, really nice to celebrate with my parents (so, just the three of us). When I graduated from high school we went to Kaji and I still remember the experience (oh, the stewed halibut tail I had was so good!). I'd go back except that I think 'variety is the spice of life' and I can only afford a meal like that once every 4-5 years anyways. That's especially true as I'm going to still be a student for four or five more years as I work on my PhD.

Anyways, I have a basic problem of choosing between a Japanese meal -- kaiseki or similar -- and a food french/new cuisine meal. But, I think I'll have to make that decision on my own. So, I'm looking for your suggestions in two categories. Where would you go if the choice was:

other I should consider?


other I should consider (North 44, Scaramouche, Bymark, etc.)?

A few more quick things.

1. I don't own a jacket. Any of these places have a dress code? Do they actually care about it?

2. I like wine. Is there one of these places that does better pairings than the others?

3. I don't really care about snooty service if the food is good. So, unless it totally destroyed your evening, give service less of a significance than you might. Most of the time when I eat out its on Spadina -- I'm used to snooty and ineffectual service.

I had sort of settled on Pergiee from what my friend said about it when he went two years ago. But, I have heard so many iffy tales since, that I don't really know anymore. I was especially concerned when my non-fish eating acquiantence (I know, I know) went and they didn't listen to her and served her fish anyways! So, when I say that I want really stinky cheeses (or some other preference) are they going to actualy listen? Or is this whole questionaire really just more show than substance? So, I guess I would really like to hear from anyone who's been to Perigee more than once -- is it getting less good? Or is it spotty? Or are few bad tales clouding my judgement of an otherwise excellent place.

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