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Capetown, South Africa

StrandedYankee | | Feb 19, 2013 08:43 AM

My fiance is traveling to Capetown for a job interview this week. He is an impoverished, postdoctoral research associate, so he is not looking for anything fancy or pricy. He's not a vegetarian, though he is happy to eat a tasty vegetarian or even vegan meal. He's good with unusual meats, seafood, exotic vegetation, all kinds of spice and all kinds of heat levels. He's not a big fan of sweets. He's most interested in both the kinds of places that the locals go to for tasty, healthy day-to-day food and in the most unusual/exotic options open to him. He will be without a car, staying at the Garden Court Nelson Mandela Blvd. Opinions? Advice? Oh, and I will be moving to South Africa with him if he is offered and accepts the job. So all advice, and anyone who might be willing to talk to me about non-food related issues in South Africa, would be GREATLY appreciated!