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Best canned soups?

rockandroller1 | Mar 25, 2014 07:28 AM

We quit using canned goods some years back due to the BPA issue. Now, about the only canned soups I buy are Amy's, as they are organic and have BPA-free can liners. I love them, but my little guy isn't crazy about them. My son is just shy of 5 and I promise you is not a picky eater, he is a true chowhound, but his taste buds haven't yet evolved to flavors as complex as Amy's lentil soup or french country vegetable, and a lot of soup I've made him has gotten thrown out (that i've sent in his lunch to school).

I grew up loving my thermos full of Campbell's soups. Chicken and stars, chicken noodle, chicken gumbo, tomato and rice, beef alphabet. My Mom was a great cook but working FT and raising a family, she didn't make a lot of homemade soup and this was a nice way to have something warm and hearty, a change from the cold sandwich.

I am pretty against Campbell's now as I don't eat crap like that. Heavily processed, full of MSG and chemicals, corn syrup, etc. which has been another reason why I liked transitioning to amy's. But they are also all vegetarian, and I would like soups with meat, if possible.

I'm looking for a happy medium, if there is one. I can deal with the minor amount of BPA exposure from a canned soup if he only has maybe a can a week, two cans max, but I can't deal with the corn syrup and MSG. There are so many canned soups now out there, I don't have the $ for a trial and error to find some that taste decent - something halfway between my beloved chicken and stars from childhood and amy's offerings.

What do you all like?

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