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Cajun spice blends - favorites?


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Cajun spice blends - favorites?

brucesw | Nov 27, 2007 01:17 PM

I did a search for a couple of years back and didn't find much. It's time to restock on a basic Cajun spice blend. I make special blends with some recipes but like to have a general purpose blend on hand. Anyone have any favorites, especially little known, not widely distributed? Or is it best to stick with the biggies?

I've used Chachere's (Original and Spicy, I think), but can't remember if I've ever used Zatarain's. Also Rex, which I liked better than Chachere's, and Alex Patout's, which I still have some of but it's a little too hot for some dishes. I have some Veron's now but I'm less pleased with it than any of the others.

I was looking at the Bourque's Super Foods site and they have a blend of their own. Anybody used it? I probably won't order anything else from there but I will be over that way some day and plan to stop in.

How about the Penzey's cajun blend? Poche's?


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