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Cafe' Greco - 2nd Avenue


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Cafe' Greco - 2nd Avenue

BillL | | Sep 20, 1999 02:50 PM

Went to dinner yesterday to Cafe' Greco on 2nd Avenue
in the 70s. There were 6 of us for dinner and the
restaurant was very crowded when we ate. The staff was
pleasant but really suffered from an off night.
Salads and soups were delivered to 5 of the 6 diners.
The 6th diner received salad after others were finished
and only with several requests for the missing salad.
Then dinner came; for 5 of us. The staff misread the
order and had to prepare a th dinner. The diner who did
not get dinner requested that the rest of us eat ours
as it was hot. The final dish showed up as the rest of
us were finishing our dishes. (Yes we shared our dishes
with the sixth diner) During dinner the obvious head of
the family (father obviously in command) ordered a
bottle of wine for the table. The bottle came and one
glass was poured for one of the obvious non heads of
the family and one other person. Then they put the wine
aside for us to pour as we wished. The food overall
was good, but the service was so atrocious I am
reluctant to return. Do any of you have experience with
this restaurant, and does it deserve a second chance?
Thanks and take care.