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Cachaça Tasting

kare_raisu | Dec 5, 2008 06:57 PM

Streetgourmetla caused me to become fascinated with the national spirit of Brazil, Cachaça [] after an incredible tasting at his home.

Since then I have tasted 4 more different cachacas that I enjoyed.

- Ypioca Ouro
- Fazenda Mae de Ouro
- Coral
- Boca Loca

Of the 4 the only that I could enjoy sipping was the Ypioca gold, which was smooth and rich enough.

Mae de Ouro made the best Caipirinha - it had a balanced and interesting flavor. Much more complex than your run of the mill pitu.

Surpringly Coral and Boca loca were not bad - I only got the sampler sizes, Coral slightly edging over boca loca in taste.


Fazendo Mae de Ouro


Boca Loca

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