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Butcher and Meat Market Terms


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Butcher and Meat Market Terms

bradcny | Nov 12, 2010 08:17 AM

If this is not the right board for this topic, I apologize. On more than one occasion, after having watched an episode of a cooking show (usually Good Eats) I will decide to make the recipe for dinner. So, armed with my new found knowledge and wanting to impress the butcher with my grasp of the different cuts of meat, I will ask for some cut of beef or pork using the exact terms that Alton Brown had used on the episode. I am then looked at as if they have no idea what I am talking about. Have you ever tried actually asking a butcher for a PSMO? I have, and I've gotten a blank stare. I also tried asking for a 7 blade steak and have gotten the same reaction. Just to let you know, I can understand this reaction from a young guy doing this, but the guy I'm talking about tells me has been doing this for 20+ years! So I ask you all, are the terms AB uses wrong or does this butcher not know what he is talking about?

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