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Better Burger

Iron Frank | | Aug 3, 2002 01:25 AM

I tried the fast-food spinoff of Josie's today and was less than impressed. My "jumbo" soy dog was only large in comparison to the band-aid of a bun it was squatting on. The tiny thimble of sauerkraut they supply you with lacked much vinegary bite or salt for that matter.

A side order of slaw was oil-free but they obviously forgot to replace the missing fats with some flavor.

I even had to send back my chocolate soy shake as it had a soured taste to it. I quickly swapped it for a shockingly red, strawberry shake that tasted better but was no prize.

At over 9 bucks for a hot dog, throwaway slaw, and a small shake I felt pretty ripped off.

The veggie burgers and baked fries my family was eating didn't look any better. Was it an off day?


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