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no boil lasagna fail- need tips


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no boil lasagna fail- need tips

trolley | May 16, 2010 08:18 PM

made bolognese lasagna with no boil noodles for the first time and failed miserably. parts of it were cooked well, but most of it came out chewy. i mean really chewy. upon layering i made sure all the noodles were covered in tomato and bolognese sauce. checked the lasagne at 45 min per instruction and the noodles were still hard so i ended up adding more time and checking it every 15 min. after 1.5 hrs i took it out since the part i tested was clearly done. i was so mad when i cut into it to find most of it layers of hard chewy pasta.

so i did a search online (should have done it before, duh!) that soaking the noodles may have helped. but my problem now is that i have a big pan of chewy lasagne and if there's anything i can do to salvage this?

if i put it in the microwave to reheat will it become chewier?

i made the bolognese from scratch and hand grated reggiano and the mozzarella and hate to toss all that work

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