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BLT in Sacramento


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BLT in Sacramento

Robert | | Aug 29, 2005 03:13 PM

There was a thread on this recently and it got me going for a good BLT. The earlier post said the heirloom tomatoes were running down. I don't know where that is but here in Sacramento we are rockin' with heirloom tomatoes. So anyway I was comming home yesterday thinking 'bout lunch today. I got some tomatoes and some good bacon. Here's how I make 'em in Sacramento.

2 slices quality toasted white bread
3 slices good bacon
1 real good heirloom tomatoe
Some lettuce (I use mixed but I don't mind iceburg, romane or butter, any of those are ok.)
Some butter
Some Mayo
Some Russian dressing

I mean I draw pictures of how to make this sandwitch just so I get it right!

1st. slice of Toasted Bread: w/butter, mayo, russian dressing.
Thin sliced tomatoe. I slice them thin and get as much on as I can. (with some salt)
Plenty of bacon (not drained, but I don't pour grease on either. Timing the bread and bacon it critical.)
Add the lettuce with pepper
2nd. slice of Toasted bread: w/ butter and mayo
Add some more pepper in there somewhere.

Close it up and eat with potatoe salad, beer or wine.

Works for me.