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Bitters - sources, recipes?


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Bitters - sources, recipes?

Wahooty | Nov 5, 2010 06:55 PM

I live in an Angostura-only town, and my long-hoarded Fee's Orange has run dry. <single, slow tear> So I'm thinking it's mail-order time. What are some of the best mail-order sources for bitters? I'm also open to good, tested recipes, since making my own still feels like a bit of a leap of faith - it seems like a lot of effort and hard-to-source ingredients to pour into a bottle of something that is going to require a LOT of cocktails to use up if the final result sucks (and if it does suck, I WILL still drink it... I lie in my bed once I spend time and money making it). I'm set for Angostura and Peychaud' me fill in the sizable blanks. Especially for good brands of orange paraphrase the poetic genius of Frank's Red Hot, I put that s**t in EVERYTHING.

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