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Bite Bar & Bakery - "Hey,Yummy Reu-ben! Where You-ben all my life?"


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Bite Bar & Bakery - "Hey,Yummy Reu-ben! Where You-ben all my life?"

Ciao Bob | Apr 15, 2010 01:54 PM

I raced over to Bite at lunch today, based on all the love showering the joint from LA Ciao-hounders, and had the best darn Reuben I ever had.

DISCLAIMER: I don't much like Reuben's -- I generally find them to be a greasy mess with lousy corned beef and cheap 'kraut: plus, I don't care for Thousand Island dressing at all. So, a real Reuben lover may not like Bite's version.

This sandwich is much drier -- I had my half without 1,000 Isle glop -- than the usual oil slick. I guess it is toasted, or dry grilled perhaps, rather than doused in grease then grilled. They use REALLY, REALLY EXCELLENT CORNED BEEF, it must be made there, and it is just delish.
And the most interesting part - this fabulous homemade sauerkraut, that was like those yummy pickled onions served on cochinita pibil than regular 'kraut.

Sadly the Reuben was a daily special, not on the regular menu. However, the folks there said they were getting such amazing feed-back on it that it might be around to stay.

PS The crab sandy Dommy! raved about was also wonderful!

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