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bistro balmoral

wilmagrace | | Aug 28, 2010 04:50 PM

This evening after shopping I thought i would catch a quick meal and went to bistro T having nice memories of a bavette I had there a month ago . Despite several empty tables on terrace I was told I could only be seated inside at the bar so then decided to go
across to the terrace of Bistro Balmoral (when i came out an hour later all those empty tables on the terrace of T were still empty...) as wanted to watch the open spaces, dancing fountains. It was a good choice, I had a glass of wine, the salmon, and coffee. I found it light and much healthier than the dishes at T where so many come with fries and no substitution allowed, unless at your cost. For $20 I had moist salmon filet on a bed of cauliflower mousseline with pesto of onions, small tomatoes, peppers; it came quickly after ordering. As luck would have it I had 10% discount as jazzfest card carriers are entitled to discounts during the year. For me it was a much better deal than T atleast for the salmon choice and hence i would certainly go back to try out other items on menu. Personally I am not keen on french fries as the only vegetable option especially on repeat visits, would even prefer a baked potato if no green choice possible,
Service was aloof, sombre albeit efficient -- not unusual in my experience for Montreal restaurants.

I did ask the waiter after at T about why tables are left empty and his answer did not make sense to me, he said T is the best restaurant in Montreal and the owner does not want anyone who made a reservation to wait as they do not really have a waiting area and when I pointed out the tables were still empty over an hour he said yes they lose business this way but that is what the owner wants.....anyways in the end I was much happier at Bistro Balmoral with the choice of food and got practically the same view.. Pleasant place to relax or have conversations. Reasonably priced.

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