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Birdland -- Hawaiian???

Indy 67 | | Mar 10, 2010 04:04 AM

My husband and I find ourselves in an odd situation. We asked our hotel to make dinner reservations using a list of restaurants we supplied. We had no particular feelings about the order in which we dined at the restaurants with the following qualifications: we wanted to eat at the most efficient restaurant on our arrival day after a trans-continental US and trans-Pacific flight and we will be in Tokyo on a Sunday. Two of the reservation decisions seem bewildering to us, so I'd appreciate some Chowhound comments.

We have reservations at Michiba on our arrival night. This seems to be a more upscale choice than we envisioned for arrival night dinner. We had specifically suggested Birdland. However, the concierge simply decided not to make a reservation there for any night on the grounds that it was a Hawaiian restaurant. I thought Birdland was one of the go-to Tokyo restaurants for yakitori. I also assumed that a meal there wouldn't be a multi-course affair. If I've made any assumptions that are incorrect, please straighten me out.

Incidentally, our other restaurants are Oshima and Hakobune.

The hotel substituted Robata for Birdland. Admittedly, I have an interest in Robata because the chef is supposed to plate his food on ceramics from some of the most famous kilns in Japan, and I collect ceramic teapots and Yunomi. Still, between the Michiba booking on arrival day and the Birdland Hawaiian label, we'd love feedback from this group.