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Jambalaya | | Jan 5, 2002 10:06 AM

I had this one posted on the Southern board but it was suggested I put it here for better results. Sorry for the repeat.

A while ago I purchased one of those small grills that are shaped like a cylinder on end, with the pans for charcoaol, one for water, a door for putting in more fuel and two meat racks. With that, some hardwood charcoal, wood chips and good instructions I got off the net I thought I would be able to do some real cooking. My problem was even though I controlled the temperature around the meat (pork ribs and beef brisket) at 250°F, after about 3 hours at this temp it became very charred on the outside and over cooked on the inside.

I watched the temperature closely, my thermometer was correct, I did not use any sugar in my marinade or the dry rub and the meat was all on the highest rack farthest away from the fire. All my recipes say the meat should cook for about 6 hours and not to let the temp around it get below 250. As it was the stuff was almost inedible, if I let it go any longer I could have used it for charcoal on my next effort. Does anyone have any ideas on what went wrong?