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One particular Barcelona Tip

professor chow | | May 9, 2007 01:05 PM

Along with my family, I'll be spending a year in Barcelona beginning in a few months. I'm sure I'll learn my way around, and will be happy to post reports here, but I'm hoping some fellow hound can help me now with a request. I've read lots of the existing threads, but I'm not sure anything fits my needs.

My mother in law wants to give my wife a dinner out with me as a birthday present shortly after we arrive. It should be a nice, romantic place (sitting at the bar at Cal Pep might not fit that--and we can always get there on our own), and presumably we can spend at least 50 or 60 euro per person. My wife likes really good, inventive food, but doesn't care about what's trendy or which chef is a celebrity. (Unlike me, she doesn't *care* if we snag reservations at El Bulli for next year.) She doesn't eat red meat. Will eat fish and chicken but might prefer a really creative and ambitious vegetarian dish. Some of the much touted places on existing Barcelona threads looked as if they might be very heavy on the meat. If you were recommending one place that fit these somewhat constraining specification, what would it be? I'd be much obliged for advice...and promise to repay the favor by posting all useful discoveries starting this fall.

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