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Barcelona basics needed

Nyleve | | May 25, 2010 07:24 AM

Ok, so now I'm completely overwhelmed. I've been reading posts about Barcelona for a couple of months and it's even worse than before I started. I'll be in Barcelona for 4 days in July at the tail end of a trip to Portugal. I know that Barcelona is a gastronomic epicentre, and I'm anxious to check it out but, for the life of me, I get more confused everytime I read another post. I am a very experienced independent traveller but the food scene in Barcelona seems almost unmanageable. I know I don't have time for much in the short visit, but I'd like to get a taste without feeling intimidated by the choices, I'll list my questions below - any answers will be very greatly appreciated.

- What are pintxos, how do they differ from tapas? How are they served differently from tapas? How do you order them (and tapas)? I have some Spanish but of course no Catalan. Oh and also how the heck to you pronounce pintxos???

- I will be travelling with a friend who is a loosely-kosher-eater. She will eat vegetarian and fish, but not shellfish, meat or, of course pork. I'll eat anything. How difficult will it be to accommodate both of us? I realize this means I don't have to share my jamon or camarones, but will she have something to choose from on a typical tapas menu?

- Ok - the basics of tapas. You stand there, sidle up to a stool and wait until the person leaves? And then is there a server who takes your order or do you just flag someone down and tell them what you want? Where are the tapas listed? On a chalkboard or is it just verbal?

- Probably not too interested in anything molecular, but more traditional types of Catalan and Spanish cooking for a sit-down dinner. We'll be staying in the Born area - anything notable in that area? Mid-range, not high end prices.

I think that's pretty much it. If I think of anything else, I'll ask more. But for now it would be incredibly helpful to get these questions answered. Thanks everyone.