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baltimore chinese/imperial buffet

trix | | Jan 30, 2002 03:50 PM

ok, ok, i know it's bleak, but surely there's got to be *somewhere* to eat chinese in this town...even if it's just for one particular dish, a la that mention of cod at szecuan best awhile back...

c'mon, b'more chowhounds, help me out: if you HAD to eat chinese in baltimore, possibly at gunpoint, where would you go?

my money's on the imperial buffet in parkville, of all places. yes, it's a buffet, and chinese buffets are frequently terrifying. but i had heard from 5 disparate sources -- people who didn't know each other and had a wide range of food experience, from broad to nil -- that the imperial was the real deal. so finally i went, and was impressed.

it's a very large selection, and the food is fresh and constantly replenished. there are entrees -- general tso's chicken is the best version i've tried around here -- plus myriad dim sum items (great taro dumplings, occasionally there's bao) right on the buffet -- lots of i-can't-believe-it's-in-parkville items like shark fin and frogs legs. of course there's fairly scary sushi and a sidebar of american food, but there's also chinese cabbage in oyster sauce, . and for lunch it's only $7! at dinner they take away some of the vegetable dishes (a mistake, in my opinion) and put out more meat and seafood.

anyone else been?