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Baking Chicken

AnomalyEE | | Jul 16, 2008 04:35 PM

I find myself eating a decent amount of chicken breasts. I decided to try and find a few decent recipes for baking it. Something I can put together quickly, come back 30-60 minutes later and have a delicious meat.

So after reading a few recipes, I found that everyone has a different way of baking it. Sometimes in a pan with foil over it, sometimes open to the oven. Each time a different heat, in turn, changing the length of time.

So I was curious about the fundamental process of baking chicken.

What is the ideal way? Does this way vary depending on the other ingredients?

My goal is cook some skinless chicken breasts, and keep them very moist. So which is the best way to cook these?

Any ideas? Recommendations?

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